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Weltanschauung (noun): World view, philosophy of life. Linguists such as Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf postulated that one's Weltanschauung was shaped and limited by their mother language, a hypothesis known as linguistic relativity that greatly informed the writing of the Loanwords album.


A deep sea dive into the past
Coming unstuck in time
I twist and shift and lick my lips
Déjà vu on my mind
A quarter-century in this world and all I've learned is this
There's a plot in every motion and conversation in each kiss

But I can't tell you what I'm searching for - I haven't found it yet
And maybe there's a place they know the score - where there's a word for it
And I won't be lost in my language anymore

Coming up for air again
Fast enough to get the bends
On a Missouri mid-afternoon
In the arms of my best friend

I struggle to make sense of it
My lips move without control
I'm feeling smothered by the mother tongue
And I don't want to round to the nearest whole

And I can't be the first to think this way - there ought to be a word for it
But I'm stuck somewhere where no words can say that all their meanings fit
And I'm feeling lost in my language everyday
I'm feeling lost in my language everyday


from Loanwords, released December 12, 2012



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Charlie Crane Chicago, Illinois

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