from by Charlie Crane



Schadenfreude (noun): Malicious pleasure taken at someone else's misfortune. Literally "shameful joy." Some might say "don't be a dick on YouTube comments" isn't much of a topic for a song. They may or may not be onto something.


When you point and shoot with your digital pistol
You can steal a soul and turn it into pixels
And give someone a name that they can never live down
Oh lord it's happening all over town

You know it's never been so easy to be a bully
Anyone can start anonymous animosity
Because there's only one dimension to an LCD screen
And it's not easy to forget what you've seen

Well I'm a fan of slapstick when it's Larry or Moe
And sometimes I laugh louder when it's someone I know
But if I saw an old lady fall down three flights of stairs
I'd try to help instead of just point and stare

And so I'd like to end my song with this little plea
To keep a sense of humor but retain empathy
And keep those cameras safely rolling, honey don't lock the door
Cause these days my key don't fit anymore


from Loanwords, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Charlie Crane Chicago, Illinois

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