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Götterspeise (noun): 1) Food of the gods, ambrosia. 2) Jello. This song is about doing jello shots with an attractive friend.


We've always been friends but it's hard to pin down
Where attraction begins and the friendship ends
And at parties the line tends to get further blurred
Cuz the guys stay away, they assume you're my girl

It's all quite platonic, but it couldn't hurt
To see what you would say to a casual flirt
So I make dirty comments as you make dirty drinks
And you laugh it all off with a blush and a wink

But as time goes by, your inhibitions drop
And you say the things you've only ever thought

Ambrosia ambrosia, it makes me concerned
Your consent can't be trusted, affections returned
Ambrosia ambrosia, your only defense
Cuz it's got the knack to make you lose common sense

Oh no...

So we lie on the sofa, and all I can do is
Make sure you don't let me take advantage of you
Oh, it would be easy, I see all the signs
I can tell by your leg as it's wrapped around mine

That you wouldn't reject me if I made a move
But first thing in the morning i know it would prove
To cause guilt and regret and be awkward and tense
But I look at your body and I can't stand the suspense

So I try to think of every lonely night
But I shake my head cuz I know it's not right

Ambrosia ambrosia, I think I'm obliged
To be responsible, for your trust is implied
Ambrosia ambrosia, I think you will find
What is good for the body's not good for the mind

Oh no...


from Loanwords, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Charlie Crane Chicago, Illinois

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