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Filmriss: 1) A tear or rip on a piece of film. 2) A memory gap. When someone quite important to you leaves your sight, you'd be surprised how quickly the primary memory of that person gets replaced by a secondary one based on anecdotes or old photographs.


One more time, Polaroid come off the shelf
Jogging my thoughts and reminding myself
I'll never forget you
But I can't quite summon your face

I keep it locked safely away in this room
In a box scented lightly with ancient perfume
There's only one copy
Some things just can't be replaced

But each time I hold it, the colours will fade
The detail gets hazy, the edges get frayed
Through the fingerprint fog I can make out your smile
But I fear even that will be gone in a while

So I catalog it in my memory banks
But the next lonely night when the picture is blank
I'll only recall
Tonight's secondhand glimpse of your face

I'm left with memories of memories
The more I squint to focus, the less I can see
The longer you live,
The more older thoughts will be erased


from Loanwords, released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Charlie Crane Chicago, Illinois

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